Government security, Ballarat

Ask Sectrol Security for an obligation-free assessment or quote for government security in Ballarat. Our highly-trained and experienced security team can advise you on the most effective security system to suit your building or offices.

Alarm installation

Most clients ask that their alarm system is sleek and subtle, effective and easy to use. For this reason, at Sectrol Security we recommend, supply and install a range of security alarms by Hills NX. They are also compatible with a range of other security devices, such as:

  • access control – particularly effective for government security, access control is a secure way to control who enters any or all of the doors to the building
  • CCTV – we provide an on-site security assessment and can install four small cameras to large multiple CCTV and IP systems in a configuration that specifically suits your government building
  • Passive Infra Red Detectors (PIR) – these infra red detectors are highly-sensitive and detect any movement or rapid change of temperature caused by body heat passing through the infra red beams
  • smoke detectors – these devices are constantly scanning particles in the air for smoke, if it is detected the alarm is activated to alert any occupants to evacuate. They operate 24 hours a day and smoke detectors continue to work when the alarm system is turned off
  • infra red beams – used to protect the surrounding areas of a property; infra red beams are placed along fence lines to detect any movement
  • duress buttons – these devices can be wireless or ‘hard wired’ for 24-hour operation. When the button is activated an alarm signal is transmitted
  • reed switches – magnetically operated, reed switches require two parts fitted to windows or doors. The magnetic parts become separated when the door or window is opened and the alarm is activated.

Alarm responses

Our team of security staff are licensed and trained to provide alarm response 24 hours a day, seven days a week for government buildings and offices in Ballarat.

When it comes to government security, a rapid response is essential. Our vehicles and security teams are on standby, so we can act quickly in the case of a break-in.

Government security system maintenance

Sectrol Security has a range of security system maintenance packages available to protect government buildings in Ballarat. A faulty security system means no security – our regular maintenance program will ensure your security system functions as it should all year round.

Alarm monitoring

You can have the best alarm system in the world but if it’s not constantly monitored, it may as well be turned off. Sectrol Security has the only state-of-the-art monitoring centre in Victoria, accredited with an Australian Security Industry Association grading. This constant surveillance allows us to provide our Ballarat clients with electronic monitoring of your complete alarm systems 24/7.

Sectrol Security also provides these services for office security or commercial security in Ballarat.