Electronic security products, Ballarat

Not all security systems are the same. All systems rely on movement detectors, all report to an alarm cabinet, but the more effective systems report back to a 24-hour control centre and can be interrogated by the control centre, i.e. two-way communication. Sectrol Security supplies and installs a range of electronic security products from leading manufacturers, helping your business achieve the comprehensive, modern security system it needs.

Digital GPRS monitored systems

Sectrol Security recommends the addition of a digital GPRS communications unit for all of our clients. When added to a telephone dialler, the GPRS unit becomes the primary source of communication enabling the security panel to report all intrusion alarms and on off reports without phone call costs. The panel is also continually polled through the GPRS network ensuring it has not been removed. Should the primary communication be disrupted or interfered with, the GSM network becomes a backup form of communication should this fail the normal telephone (PSTN) network takes over. This invokes an extremely high degree of security, is a cost effective addition, and would be suggested as the minimum upgrade.

  • no telephone call costs – a telephone dialler makes a telephone call to the Control Centre each time it needs to inform us of an event and the average home or small business may have as many as four entry/exits (events) each day costing around $90 a quarter in telephone calls.
  • two-way communication – the GPRS system is interrogated by the Control Centre every 90 seconds or each hour depending on the selected option and the system must answer or an alarm is generated. A telephone dialler without this upgrade cannot be interrogated and if the telephone line is inoperable the dialler cannot communicate and the Control Centre will not know!

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