Ballarat-based CCTV installation and monitoring

Looking to increase the security of your home or business? Modern, high-quality CCTV systems are the standard when it comes to protecting your home or business, whether it’s used for monitoring purposes or simply as a crime deterrent.

Sectrol Security has access to leading CCTV manufacturers and is able to recommend the ideal system for the needs of your home or business. Whether you need full CCTV coverage in a large warehouse space or a few cameras for your home security system, our team are capable of advising and installing a wide range of systems.

Ask us at Sectrol Security for a free quote and we will perform an assessment of your home, investment property, retail business, commercial business or industrial complex to give you advice on CCTV installation in Ballarat. We can design, install, and maintain all levels of CCTV, IP systems and can provide small (one camera) to larger multiple CCTV systems (16 or more cameras) depending on your needs.

Our state-of-the-art monitoring centre can provide your home or business with security and peace of mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are considering CCTV installation, be sure that it is fully customised to meet the specific security requirements of your business.

A high tech, modern CCTV system could be your business’s most important security asset when it comes to deterring offenders, monitoring day-to-day activities, and keeping everyone safe. Contact us today to find out more about our CCTV installation Ballarat, we can have you up and running and protected in no time. We also provide a large range of commercial security services.