Security products, Ballarat

Sectrol Security continues to invest heavily in research and development into electronic security products and security services delivered to its client base in Ballarat and surrounding areas.

Sectrol has designed and manufactured its own control panel and monitoring solutions since the mid 1970s and targeted its concepts at the local market.

Sectrol developed its own direct line monitoring system and client control units for utilisation of the Telstra private-line infrastructure. The first private line product was developed in 1979 and later revised to the microprocessor based PLC16 in 1988 as a private-line version, with an upgrade to radio in 1990.

In 2002 the PLC16 panel was superseded by the new, flexible platform, “Eureka” panel. The Eureka provides alarm indication for up to 32 zones and access control via Prox Readers and/or Key Pads for up to four areas. Predominantly used on the Sectrol and Geelong monitoring Service Radio Network, the Eureka is currently being further developed to operate on the Mobile GSM network.

Sectrol Security and Geelong Monitoring Services continue to market its own group of products and supply other competitive solutions for dialing and non-radio security applications. We also install CCTV security in Ballarat for businesses both big and small.

Audible Alarm Systems

If you are looking for a low-cost security solution for your home, audible alarm systems are a great option. These alarm systems rely on sirens and flashing lights to frighten offenders away. This system relies on neighbours or passers-by alerting authorities, which mightn’t be effective if you live in an isolated area. However, if you live...

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Electronic Security Products

Not all security systems are the same. All systems rely on movement detectors, all report to an alarm cabinet, but the more effective systems report back to a 24-hour control centre and can be interrogated by the control centre, i.e. two-way communication. Sectrol Security supplies and installs a range of electronic security products from leading...

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Looking to increase the security of your home or business? Modern, high-quality CCTV systems are the standard when it comes to protecting your home or business, whether it’s used for monitoring purposes or simply as a crime deterrent. Sectrol Security has access to leading CCTV manufacturers and is able to recommend the ideal system for...

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Personal security devices

Lone workers and hybrid working environments have become an integral part of the post-Pandemic landscape. These changes in the way we work, give rise to an increased need for personal security. At Sectrol Security, your safety is our top priority. We are proud to introduce our range of personal security devices designed to provide 24/7...

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