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Providing security in Bendigo

April 30, 2016

The vibrant city of Bendigo was built on the back of a gold rush. While some people still consider it rural, it is actually Victoria’s fourth most populous city. This regional hub, which is brimming with character, is getting bigger every year. Sectrol Security has proudly offered a wide range of security services in Bendigo...

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Boosting your commercial security in Ballarat

March 29, 2016

About 100,000 people call Ballarat home and that number is growing every year. As the population swells, so too do the city’s business opportunities and the need for quality commercial security. This attractive city, with a rich gold-rush history, is a magnet to people seeking a calm lifestyle. Some newcomers then open a business or...

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The most trusted mobile patrols in Ballarat

February 27, 2016

When there’s a need for mobile patrols Ballarat clients turn to the trusted team at Sectrol Security to help blanket their premises in better protection. After more than 35 years of providing security solutions across the region and further afield, we know we can make a real difference in boosting the safety of your property,...

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Selecting a security company

January 30, 2016

After the decision’s made that you need to employ a security company, how do you go about the selection process? With the range of companies out there in the market place, what differentiates the premier outfits from the pretenders? What factors should you look for when choosing a company to protect your home or business?...

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Security guards an asset in Stawell this festive season

December 22, 2015

While Christmas is a time of great cheer, it also has burglars cheering as they go “shopping’’ for free at the expense of many retail businesses. So perhaps it’s time to consider hiring security guards in Stawell to protect your store from sneaky hands over the festive season. Retailers work hard to build successful businesses...

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Lift security at Warrnambool homes for the Christmas break

November 30, 2015

You’ve secured accommodation for your Christmas holidays and can’t wait to begin the festive break. But have you adequately secured your Warrnambool home? At Sectrol Security, we’re experts in proving quality residential security Warrnambool homeowners rely on to protect their homes when they head off for summer holidays. Your home is more than walls and...

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Boost your home’s security in Horsham before Christmas

October 29, 2015

While our calendar’s still in October, it’s already beginning to feel a little like Christmas as baubles and light-bedecked trees appear in retail stores. So will you be heading away in the holiday season? And have you considered boosting the security of your Horsham home before you hit the road in festive mode? If you...

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Sectrol – experts in security for government buildings in Horsham

September 22, 2015

When it comes to security and access control for government buildings in Horsham, authorities want to deal with industry experts backed by sophisticated technology to protect valuable assets. Our team at Sectrol Security has forged a strong reputation for delivering quality protection when it comes to government premises across the state. We know how important...

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Consider security guards to keep staff safe in Ballarat

August 28, 2015

If your staff finish work after dark and have to trek to their vehicles, do you worry about their safety? Why not consider hiring qualified security guards in Ballarat to provide an escort for your employees to ensure they reach their cars unharmed. At Sectrol Security our fully licensed and trained guards add a welcome level...

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Sectrol – providing industrial security in Stawell

July 31, 2015

How secure is your industrial premises in Stawell from theft and vandalism? If the question raises concern, then consider using Sectrol Security guards to beef up your industrial security and give you peace of mind and better protection for your business. People work long, hard hours to build up their businesses every day. And when...

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