Advantages of employing Sectrol Security

When you choose Sectrol Security you choose a team dedicated to providing quality products and services, with qualified staff and advanced technological systems.

A registered and reputable business

Trained and qualified staff

  • each security patrolman or static guard has the following minimum qualifications:
    • Certificate 2 in Security Operations
    • Certificate 3 in Security Operations
    • Private Security Individual Licence (Security Guard)
    • First Aid Level 2
  • training of security patrolman and static guards include the following:
    • working in teams
    • workplace safety
    • provide First Aid
    • manage conflict through negotiation
    • protect self and others using basic defensive tactics
    • respond to a security risk situation
    • dispute resolution
    • law
    • responsible serving of alcohol
  • all employees undergo a National Police check (criminal history check) prior to commencing employment and at regular intervals of not more than three years.
  • staff support and backup – our guards are supported by our Australian Graded Control Centre, Police and Vehicle Tracking
  • able to provide qualified guards quickly to cover personnel who are sick or on annual leave, with no disruption to the running of the site
  • insurance – Sectrol Security has the appropriate insurance (public liability) coverage for security guarding and patrolling whilst on the premises
  • OH&S – Sectrol Security has the appropriate competencies to deal with security activities.

False alarm rates

The Sectrol Security System is recognised by the Police as having one of the lowest false alarm rates in Victoria. This is due to a number of reasons, including:

  • the amount of information received by the control room when an alarm is activated
  • the way in which the detectors are installed. Detectors are set up on a multiple zone basis, i.e. unauthorised access would trigger two alarms, not just one
  • the number of detectors.

Reduced false alarm rates reduces the number of attendances required for the system thereby reducing client overheads. Ask us at Sectrol about alarms in Ballarat.