Emergency security services Ballarat; Why choose Sectrol when disaster strikes?

July 30, 2021

Here’s hoping you never have to worry about it, but when a security disaster strikes, you want the comfort in knowing that somebody is watching out for you & has got your back.  Before the unthinkable happens, why not give the team at Sectrol Security a call for a no obligation audit of your emergency security services for your home or business.

The team at Sectrol have been providing emergency security services in Ballarat for over 40 years.  Operating our Ballarat based Monitoring Centre 24/7, backed up by our rapid alarm response vehicles, our highly trained staff are ready to respond to your security needs if disaster strikes.

We specialise in supporting our clients & providing whatever service is needed in an emergency. We can contact and request Police & other emergency services to the scene if required.  We can also deploy static guards to scene, and we will even arrange our local trusted network of trades to attend if damage has occurred to doors, windows and property, to ensure the site is secure.

In the advent of unwelcome guests to your home or business, the team can react immediately when alerted through your electronic alarm system or duress device.

Our Monitoring Centre uses state-of-the-art technology and quality monitoring services to help eliminate security threats.  Best of all, it all comes at an affordable price from a team that is locally owned and sourced. Sectrol Security is also able to monitor your residence or business with CCTV cameras and an array of alarm and safety operation technologies.

So, for any of your emergency security services, don’t go past the Sectrol Security team who have the experience and prowess whilst ensuring your safety and customer satisfaction every time.

Give the team a call today!