How CCTV benefits Ballarat residents

June 21, 2020

Sectrol Security supplies and installs CCTV in Ballarat for both homes and businesses. Our reliable, modern CCTV gives homeowners peace of mind over the security coverage of their homes, while also being a highly effective deterrent against crimes.

Our team is certified and trained installers of CCTV systems, for both domestic and commercial systems. Whether you just want a single camera at the front of your home that can be connected to your home Wi-Fi system, or an expansive network of cameras to cover your business premises, we can help.

Some of the distinct benefits of installing a CCTV system for homes and businesses include:

  • CCTV has been proven to be a useful deterrent for home burglaries and property theft crimes, offenders are much less likely to attempt a crime when there is a high probability that their actions will be recorded on camera and they may be able to be identified.
  • Having CCTV installed at your property allows you to have eyes everywhere, if you think it could be useful to have records of the day-to-day operations of your business then a CCTV system is a must.
  • A modern, high definition CCTV system allows you to collect evidence should a crime occur on your premises, or if you need to prove something for whatever reason.

Contact us to find out more about our range of CCTV for Ballarat residents and business owners. If you’re not sure what system is best to suit your needs, our security experts can help you find the best system for your desired coverage and budget.