Alarm systems for Ballarat homes over holiday season

December 24, 2019

Homeowners that have reliable alarm systems in Ballarat can head off on their Christmas-New Year holidays confident that their property is protected.

They can unwind and get away for a weekend, a week or longer with peace of mind. After all, the last thing anyone wants after an enjoyable trip away is to come home to a house that’s been burgled or damaged in any way.

Sectrol Security offers alarm systems for Ballarat home owners that will ensure protection from intruders all year round. Alarm systems are one of the best ways to keep your home safe. Whether you go for a simple alarm or one with all the bells and whistles and interconnected security devices including CCTV, your level of protection rises immediately.

After years in the security industry, we know that a modern, audible alarm system is important for deterring offenders, or alerting authorities if someone does break in. We also offer round-the-clock alarm system monitoring from our state-of-the-art monitoring centre.

And while Crime Statistics Victoria data released mid year showed Ballarat’s crime rate was at its lowest for four years, we should never be complacent. The agency’s data revealed decreases in offences including property damage and burglary in the 12 months to March 2019. We welcome the drop but we urge people to be ever vigilant.

Theft remains the most common crime across the region. Christmas, with people on holidays and homes unoccupied, is a time when thefts across Ballarat area and the state tend to peak.

So don’t be a victim over the festive season. Contact Sectrol Security about boosting your home’s protection with a quality alarm. When it comes to alarm systems Ballarat people can trust our team for great advice, products and services.