Five types of Ballarat commercial security

September 17, 2019

If you have a business in Ballarat commercial security is an important factor when it comes to protecting your staff and other assets including equipment.

Here are five types of commercial security Sectrol can install to protect your Ballarat business –

  • High-quality CCTV system: Sectrol’s experienced team is happy to recommend the best CCTV system for your business, whether you’re after a small system or large commercial IP CCTV systems with many cameras;
  • Infra-red beams: We can carefully install these beams around your business perimeter to detect movement in the area. Infra-red beams are great to boost security at warehouses and factories, standing strong where there may be CCTV blind spots;
  • Smoke detectors: Every business should have smoke detectors installed on site as part of their Ballarat commercial security measures. They must be a fundamental part of all security plans with asset protection in mind. If you don’t have smoke detectors or feel your existing ones are outdated, we can install a modern smoke alarm system that’s on alert around the clock, seven days a week;
  • Duress buttons: If your business is open or operational 24/7, then duress buttons give staff extra security. If staff press a button, it immediately activates an alarm signal to the security provider or emergency services;
  • And access control: Sophisticated access control systems allow businesses to control who can enter the building, or certain areas within the building. These can be especially important for businesses with lots of employees coming and going, as well as for controlling entry to key areas within a building.

If you would like to know more about Ballarat commercial security options for your business, please contact our experienced team at Sectrol Security today.