Our mobile security patrols are a safety boost for Ballarat businesses

June 28, 2019

Do you own a business in Ballarat and want to increase the security presence at your premises?

If this is where your mind is at, you’re not alone because the fear of being vulnerable to burglary, theft and vandalism is common in today’s society. And that’s why mobile patrols in Ballarat are proving a popular security choice for clients running small, commercial and industrial businesses.

At Sectrol Security, we believe that mobile patrols provide an on-the-ground presence that can’t be beaten by any high-tech security system. Sure, alarm systems are an important part of a practical security plan, but the eyes, ears and experience of security guards carrying out regular patrols are invaluable.

We have a team of highly trained, licensed and professional guards who carry out a range of services tailored for individual clients as they patrol businesses, big and small.

Our security staff, who are highly visible in uniforms and branded vehicles, carry out regular patrols of business premises to make sure they are locked tight, checking that external windows, doors and gates are well secured.

Keeping ever vigilant of their surroundings, they will also inspect fence lines to ensure they haven’t been breached and can also close and open businesses that don’t have permanent staff to carry out those responsibilities.

Your business can also arrange for members of our mobile patrols to escort staff who are working late to their vehicles to ensure their safety.

Whatever security role they take on, you can rest assured our guards will remain on high alert, pay attention to detail and use their experience to help ensure your business and its employees are safe and secure.

For professional mobile patrols Ballarat businesses can feel confident the Sectrol Security team won’t let them down. We are passionate about safety and we work hard to deliver quality security services to all our clients.

If you would like to know more about our mobile patrols, contact Sectrol Security today.