Installing the right home alarm system in Ballarat

May 28, 2019

Once you’ve made the decision your Ballarat home needs a security alarm system, what do you next?

How do you know what system to select, what factors are important and who to turn to for quality alarm installation?

At Sectrol Security, we understand the experience can be somewhat overwhelming. With so many security systems and devices on the market nowadays, it’s well worth asking industry professionals such as our team for advice.

Here are some areas to carefully consider before making your choice:

  • Coverage – it’s vital you select the optimal locations in your home for the installation of sensors. And if you’re wanting to link CCTV capabilities to your security system, the correct siting for cameras is equally as important.
  • Usability – the alarm must be easy for all members of the household to use. There’s no point spending good money on a system that’s so hard to operate that people are too intimidated to switch it on.
  • Cost – how much you are prepared to spend on a quality system and alarm installation?
  • Installation – rather than take a DIY approach, consider whether it’s worth getting a professional to install the system for you.
  • And ongoing support – does your family need a rapid response team of security staff to respond to any breach of an alarm? Do you want your alarm system monitored by professionals 24/7? You should also consider the issue of maintenance, because all alarm systems need periodic maintenance to ensure they run effectively.

At Sectrol Security, our team of experienced professionals has been helping people across the Ballarat region and further afield improve their residential security for years. We want people to feel safe and secure in their “castle” and we are here to help.

If you want advice on alarm installation and selecting the best alarm system for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.