Crime statistics in Ballarat show decrease in crime

February 28, 2019

When crime statistics in Ballarat show a slight downturn, that doesn’t mean home and business owners should reduce the quality of their security.

At Sectrol Security, we know it is important to be ever vigilant to keep people and property safe at all times.

Crime Statistics Agency data has revealed that after peaking in 2016, crime statistics in Ballarat’s local government area dropped in the year to March 31, 2018. New yearly figures will be collated soon.

The data, reported by The Courier newspaper, showed that while overall crime had reduced slightly, there were still 10,660 offences recorded per 100,000 people in Ballarat last year. This figure compared to 11,304 offences for the same period (12 months to end of March) the previous year.

The figures – regardless of the slight drop – make it clear that it is still as important as ever to protect your home, rental property or business from thieves and vandals.

A high-quality monitoring system or security presence at your house or business is a real deterrent when it comes to crime, with offenders more likely to set their sights on properties that don’t have such strong protective measures in place. If they face a high risk factor when it comes to getting caught, they’ll look for easier options in their unhelpful contribution to crime statistics in Ballarat.

Sectrol Security’s professional staff are happy to visit your premises to carry out a free security assessment before advising on the best way forward to improve security.

Effective alarm systems have to be user friendly and that’s why we supply and install Hills NX alarms as part of our range. These systems allow you to connect in other worthwhile security measures including CCTV, infra-red beams for perimeters, access control, smoke detectors, reed switches and duress buttons.

You can also talk to our team about alarm system maintenance options, alarm response services and 24/7 alarm system monitoring by our state-of-the-art monitoring centre. We also supply a range of security guard services too.

It’s natural to do everything you can to keep your home and business from joining theĀ crime statistics in Ballarat. Sectrol Security can help keep you safe, so contact us today for more information.