Ballarat mobile security patrols keep businesses one step ahead

March 31, 2018

The last thing any business owner wants is to experience a major theft or burglary at their business, and then find out their security system had a malfunction.

That’s why it pays to have Sectrol Security’s professional Ballarat mobile patrols carrying out regular premises checks to ensure your business is always protected.

Having someone break into your premises can be a nightmare. Offenders can cause significant damage forcing their way in, leaving a repair bill. Then there’s the cost of replacing stolen items. Add in time lost to sorting out the situation and getting your business back on its feet, and it all adds up to an expensive headache.

So save yourself the drama and talk to our security experts. We can work closely with you to set up a regular security presence at  your commercial or industrial premises. We also offer a competitive maintenance service too.

With licensed and highly-trained security guards from our Ballarat mobile patrols regularly checking your property, you’ll feel peace of mind that your business is protected while you are away.

Our patrolling guards can tackle a range of tasks including checking vehicles left on site and fence lines and carrying out employee escorts to keep staff safe when they leave after working late into the night. Another key task is checking that all entry points – doors and windows – are securely locked.

And if a security alarm is triggered, you can count on our team to respond swiftly. Security staff will carry out a comprehensive check of the property, making sure it is secure and calling in other emergency services – police, firefighters or even locksmiths – if required.

While regular security patrols are a great line of defence, they also a very visible deterrent to any offenders who have their eye on your business premises. With marked cars and uniforms, they send a clear message to criminals to stay away.

Don’t let your business become a crime statistic this year. Contact us at Sectrol Security to find how our Ballarat mobile patrols can help keep your business safe from harm.