Our Ballarat security team applauds anti-crime forums

February 27, 2018

The community has a strong part to play in the ongoing push to reduce crime.

And a series of anti-crime forums at Victorian centres including Ballarat is allowing residents to outline their concerns and suggest prevention ideas for their community.

At Sectrol Security, we know residents need to have their voices heard. We are right behind the anti-crime forums and we understand that Ballarat security is a partnership between residents, businesses and organisations including Victoria Police.

The forums, planned for crime hot spots, will be steadily rolled out across the state. Crime prevention networks comprising of councils, community organisations and residents will develop initiatives to help curb crime in their areas as part of the safety scheme.

Sectrol Security applauds quality initiatives that will improve Ballarat security levels for people of all ages. In a perfect world, there’d be no burglary, theft or assault. In reality, those crimes exist in rural communities, towns and cities across the nation.

Our team works hard to help keep clients across Ballarat region and further afield from joining the crime statistics tally. We offer quality security services across residential, commercial, industrial and government sectors.

With our sophisticated monitoring centre, with its round-the-clock monitoring capabilities, our security guard services including roving patrols and wide array of security products we can install to protect your property, we’ve got you covered.

From designing, supplying and installing electronic surveillance systems to adding duress alarms and door access systems to your safety arsenal, Sectrol Security has a comprehensive list of Ballarat security options to give you peace of mind.

So don’t wait to become a crime statistic. Speak out in community forums to help shape crime-prevention strategies in your area. And speak out to us, so we can help improve security at your home or business. Please contact us at Sectrol Security for more information.