Top residential home security tips for Ballarat properties

September 22, 2017

Are you confident the residential security at your home provides adequate protection for your family and valuable possessions?

When you shut the front door and head to work, for a weekend break or a weeks-long holiday, do you worry about burglary and theft?

At Sectrol Security, we’ve been providing the residential security Ballarat clients trust for quality protection of people and property. While there are some great ways our professional staff can help, with security products and services, there are also simple actions you can undertake yourself to better secure your residence from harm.

Our residential home security tips to keep your Ballarat home safe include:

  • Install a security alarm system – but make sure it’s user friendly. We supply and install security alarms from the Hills NX range, which can link in with other security products including reed switches, passive infra red detectors, smoke alarms and CCTV cameras.
  • Make sure you have effective locks on your doors and windows. Use them. And don’t forget about securing the garage too.
  • Don’t let the world know over social media that you’re going on holidays. Regularly posting pictures of your beach holiday in Queensland or your European adventure can be a welcome clue to offenders on the look out for an empty house to hit.
  • Add effective sensor lights to the front of your property that will activate if people approach your home’s entry points. No would-be burglar wants to be caught in the spotlight.
  • Trim trees and shrubs in the front of your property to reduce cover for offenders.
  • If you are planning a trip away, don’t leave your key under the front doormat, the closest pot plant or a fake rock. That just makes it child’s play for criminals.
  • And organise someone to collect your mail and bring in your bins if you go on holiday. A mailbox overflowing with junk mail makes it pretty clear that no-one is at home.

So take the time to stand back and critically assess your home from a security perspective. If you don’t feel confident that the protection level’s high enough, ask our our experienced team at Sectrol Security for help.

If you’re travelling overseas or work late into the night, consider our residential security services in Ballarat or our alarm system installation and 24/7 security system monitoring. It’s well worth looking online at the range of security products we offer too.

Whether you are at your home or not, it’s great to know there’s a professional team who is committed to providing quality residential security in Ballarat and further afield, helping you sleep easy without the fear of home breaches and threat. Please contact us for more information.