Ballarat businesses can benefit from CCTV installation

February 28, 2017

If you want to enhance the security of your Ballarat business, it’s worth talking to us about the advantages of CCTV installation.

At Sectrol Security, we applaud the effort it takes to build a successful enterprise. We believe every business is worth protecting – its staff, its products, all its important documentation and its valuable equipment. And we have the knowledge and expertise in Ballarat CCTV installation to tailor a camera system so it capably meets the specific needs of your business.

Sectrol’s highly-trained staff can inspect your premises and provide an obligation-free quote on the best system for your budget. From design, installation and even maintenance, we’ll have your system of choice up and running swiftly.

Perhaps you only want a small CCTV system with a couple of cameras to focus on your service area and front door or are you after an extensive one with more than 16 cameras to provide complete coverage of your business including every exit?

As your local experts when it comes to installing CCTV, IP systems, we know they have plenty of good points if you’re a business owner and plenty of bad points if you’re a criminal with theft or damage on your mind.

These systems are a real deterrent to offenders considering targeting your business. A CCTV-protected premises, especially when the cameras are linked into a quality security alarm system, is not a soft option for criminals. After all, who would risk illegally entering a place where there’s video surveillance, with cameras recording your every move and providing evidence for police to use in court?

Sectrol Security also offers clients a 24/7 monitoring service from our state-of-the-art monitoring centre and provides rapid alarm response too.

When you devote so many hours of work and dollars to establish and grow your business, you don’t want it harmed by callous offenders. You want the best protection possible and a camera surveillance system can be part of the security solution.

Please contact us at Sectrol Security for more information about quality Ballarat CCTV installation.