Ballarat security guards give businesses a safety advantage

January 29, 2017

If you are looking for ways to ramp up the security of your Ballarat business then perhaps it’s time to consider the advantages of hiring our security guards for trusted protection.

At Sectrol Security, keeping people, property and premises safe is our mission in life. And we’re extremely passionate about that mission. It’s an important one and our clients deserve our very best, every minute we’re working for them.

So if you are worried about having items stolen from your premises or work site, your property damaged or your staff threatened, turn to our highly trained and professional static guards for help.

Our static guards provide clients with a consistent service and their uniformed presence shouts a warning to opportunistic thieves and offenders to stay away from the premises they protect. Let’s face it, why would you consider targeting a store, warehouse, pharmacy or even a hospital if you knew trained and skilled Ballarat security guards were on site, ready and capable to handle any potential security breach?

While static guards provide peace of mind for business owners, they also make employees and customers feel safer too. It’s good for both customer relations and workplace safety, ticking boxes at every level.

From deterring theft and vandalism, our guards are also well trained to clearly assess situations and use their skills, which include conflict management using resolution, first aid and self defence. They are a true asset in any business place.

Clients can call on static guards to provide security for a range of premises. From hospitals to medical clinics, jewellery stores, technology retailers, shopping centres and storage businesses, static guards can make a real difference when it comes to safety.

They can also make their mark securing large construction sites, preventing thefts of expensive equipment, vehicles and materials. And if you’ve got a special function that will attract a large crowd, call us to discuss whether you need security guards for added protection.

Whatever your needs, our talented team will work hard to understand your security requirements and provide a range of security packages that will suit your situation. It’s about tailoring the best security plan for you, and static guards can be a big part of the solution.

We also provide a range of other security guard services too including efficient mobile patrols and swift response patrols.

If you want more information about Ballarat security guards and how they can help your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Sectrol Security.