Daylesford alarm installations safeguard spa-town businesses

July 30, 2016

Businesses in the popular spa town of Daylesford rely on professional alarm installations to help protect their livelihood.

From day spas and restaurants to retail outlets and health centres, business owners need to keep the valuable equipment, stock and important information that’s contained on their premises well protected from burglars and even fire.

And that’s where our professional team at Sectrol Security can help, offering a variety of alarm installation options designed to safeguard properties. Our Daylesford alarm installations are customised for each client and we offer a business assessment to find the best-fit alarm system for your needs and budget.

Security systems come in many varieties. From audible alarm systems, which use flashing lights and loud sirens to scare away burglars, to high-quality direct line monitored systems that are linked by Telstra cable to a central control centre and remotely monitored around the clock every day, there will be a security system that fits your requirements.

Sectrol’s repertoire includes direct line monitored systems, radio monitored systems and telephone dialler monitored systems. We are happy to discuss each type with you and recommend the most suitable option to protect your Daylesford business.

One of the most important things about alarm installation is making sure the security product you select is both effective and user friendly. We’re big supporters of the Hills NX range of alarm systems because of these factors. It’s also possible to link an array of other devices to the system including CCTV, passive infra-red detectors, smoke detectors, reed switches and access control.

Sectrol, well supported by its sophisticated monitoring centre that provides constant remote monitoring of security systems, also offers alarm response and alarm maintenance services too.

If you would like to know more about Daylesford alarm installations, please contact us at Sectrol Security. Our experienced security team will be glad to help.