Crime rise prompts a focus on Ballarat security

June 22, 2016

Overall crime has jumped by more than 13 per cent in Ballarat in the last quarter, according to a worrying report in The Courier.

The article, published on June 17, does not contain good news for authorities, business owners and residents of this great regional city as they look for ways to improve Ballarat’s security. The crime figures follow a state-wide trend.

Using figures from the Crime Statistics Agency, the report found:

  • Crime across the state rose by 12.4 per cent, slightly less than Ballarat’s increase of 13.5 per cent;
  • Ballarat’s theft rates surged by 30 per cent from the same time last year;
  • Ballarat’s assault figures were up by 15 per cent;
  • And theft from cars was a strong contributor to a state-wide increase in theft.

So with theft and assault rates on the rise, what approach can people take to boost Ballarat security so their homes, businesses and families are better protected?

Talking to Sectrol Security’s professional team is a great first step. We have years of experience in providing quality solutions when it comes to Ballarat security. Our highly-trained staff can assess your property and devise a practical security approach that meets your needs and budget. From security systems, CCTV installation, reed switches, passive infra-red detectors and 24/7 alarm-system monitoring to manpower services including mobile patrols, static guards and rapid response to security alarm breaches, we’ve got you covered.

If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your property, giving you peace of mind, please contact us at Sectrol Security. When it comes Ballarat security, we’re proud to play a part in helping keep this city safer for its residents.

Read the article in The Courier here