24/7 alarm monitoring in Ballarat a safe approach

May 25, 2016

Whether you own a home or a business in Ballarat, you want your property to be protected from harm around the clock – night or day, if you are there or away.

And that’s why people turn to Sectrol Security for quality alarm monitoring in Ballarat. Our state-of-the-art monitoring and control centre allows us to keep clients’ premises under constant surveillance around the clock, with our expert team on alert for any security system breaches and ready to take appropriate and swift action if alarms trigger.

Our centre staff, all licensed and accredited, are a key strength of our security business. Highly trained and quick to act, they can assess the situation clearly and then rapidly direct mobile patrols and emergency services including police to your house or business when needed. It’s also important to note that Sectrol has very low rates of false alarms which is reassuring news for our clients.

Careful monitoring of security system alarms can save you money and heartache. From external door or window breaches, through to CCTV vision of intruders at work and even the event of a fire, our experienced control centre staff can make a vital difference through their active remote monitoring of your home’s security.

Sectrol’s sophisticated alarm monitoring centre is the only one of its kind in Victoria with an Australian Security Industry Association grading. Our company knows how important it is to remain at the forefront of technology when it comes to delivering quality security in Ballarat and further afield. Our alarm monitoring centre is part of that commitment to quality service and it delivers results – that’s why we have more than 2500 clients embracing our monitoring service to protect their assets.

We’re proud to be able to help Ballarat home and business owners feel safe around the clock. If you would like more information about how our team can provide 24 hour a day, seven day a week alarm monitoring for your Ballarat residential or business premises, please contact us at Sectrol for more information.