The most trusted mobile patrols in Ballarat

February 27, 2016

When there’s a need for mobile patrols Ballarat clients turn to the trusted team at Sectrol Security to help blanket their premises in better protection.

After more than 35 years of providing security solutions across the region and further afield, we know we can make a real difference in boosting the safety of your property, your staff and your products.

When clients hire our mobile patrols they place an enormous amount of trust in them to protect the security of people and as well as the premises they work in. And those premises can contain anything from expensive equipment to confidential information.

The security guards on our mobile patrols in Ballarat take their work seriously, understanding the responsibility that’s on their shoulders every time they step out in uniform. They are trustworthy, highly professional and highly trained. That’s why clients feel peace of mind when our fully-licensed mobile patrol guards are on the task.

Our patrol staff are thoroughly briefed on each client’s security needs, and then they meet those needs.

This form of manpower security is a great solution for businesses that don’t need a permanent static guard. They’re highly visible and a real deterrent to opportunistic offenders. Their numerous duties can include escorting staff to their cars after working late, patrolling fence lines and securing industrial sites after the last workers leave. They can check that windows and doors are locked and that vehicles left on the property are secure.

No matter what sort of property you’ve got that needs protection – industrial, commercial, government or residential – our guards on the move send a strong message to offenders with their mere presence.  And, if they detect a problem, they have the skills, knowledge and experience to handle it with confidence. They can also respond swiftly when an alarm is triggered.

Our qualified patrol guards undergo training in areas including first aid, handling security-risk situations and conflict management through negotiation. They are there to protect people and property.

Please contact us at Sectrol Security if you would like more information about the mobile patrols Ballarat clients rely on to help keep their premises safe. Let our trustworthy patrol guards play an important part in boosting the security at your premises.