Security guards an asset in Stawell this festive season

December 22, 2015

While Christmas is a time of great cheer, it also has burglars cheering as they go “shopping’’ for free at the expense of many retail businesses. So perhaps it’s time to consider hiring security guards in Stawell to protect your store from sneaky hands over the festive season.

Retailers work hard to build successful businesses and the Christmas-New Year period usually rates as their busiest few weeks of the year. Cash registers ring as people flock to shops for that perfect gift or to pick up a sale they’ve noticed in a Christmas catalogue.

It’s a time to hit the stores with gusto, but not everyone is willing to pay for their goods. Thieves make the most of hectic conditions in shops to strike while burglars target premises overnight, forcing their way into stores to steal from shelves packed with stock.

So don’t let them get away with it. You work too hard to let them eat away at your profits. Turn to Sectrol Security for a professional solution to your problem. We provide security guards Stawell businesses can rely on to help protect their retail businesses this summer.

Our well trained and fully-licensed guards can provide a strong presence in your retail business during opening hours, deterring opportunistic thieves, protecting property and staff. And they can also provide a valuable protective buffer after hours too, with regular patrols to ensure all is well at your premises.

The mere presence of uniform-wearing security guards works as an immediate handbrake to would-be burglars, who think twice about committing a crime on a premises they know is overseen by experienced security professionals. It’s not worth the risk for offenders and that’s good news for business owners.

If you would like to know more about how our security guards in Stawell can reduce theft and loss at your retail business over the hectic summer season, please contact us at Sectrol Security for information.

We can also help with other security services for your business including alarm system installation, alarm monitoring and rapid response if alarms activate.