Sectrol – experts in security for government buildings in Horsham

September 22, 2015

When it comes to security and access control for government buildings in Horsham, authorities want to deal with industry experts backed by sophisticated technology to protect valuable assets.

Our team at Sectrol Security has forged a strong reputation for delivering quality protection when it comes to government premises across the state. We know how important it is for governments to keep Intellectual Property, equipment and staff safe and we have a range of security options to help them achieve that aim.

We can supply and install high-quality alarm systems that are easy to use and compatible with other security tools including infra red beams, reed switches and CCTV cameras. We are also knowledgeable about installing access control, which is a practical and safe option when it comes to government buildings including police stations, court houses and hospitals.

Access control technology is all about controlling who can enter or leave a building and works around the clock. If you have the right authorisation, which can include swipe card, access code or biometric approval, you can enter or exit. If you don’t, the doors remain secure.

Access control systems can have monitoring capabilities, allowing bosses to keep track of the comings and goings of staff and other personnel. They can keep a record of any successful and unsuccessful attempts to access the building’s locked doors.

While IP is important to protect, so too are government employees. They deserve great security in Horsham and we are the team to deliver it.

Once you have a quality security system in place, it’s important to look after it so it remains effective. We can offer maintenance packages to keep your system performing to its optimum level.

If you would like to know more about security options including access control, our 24/7 monitoring centre, experienced guards and alarm response, please contact us at Sectrol Security. We can provide quality security in Horsham for government buildings and we’re keen to help.