Consider security guards to keep staff safe in Ballarat

August 28, 2015

If your staff finish work after dark and have to trek to their vehicles, do you worry about their safety? Why not consider hiring qualified security guards in Ballarat to provide an escort for your employees to ensure they reach their cars unharmed. At Sectrol Security our fully licensed and trained guards add a welcome level of protection, providing peace of mind for both employees and employers. And that’s a valuable thing. After a long day at work, people are tired. When you’re tired, your senses are duller and you’re not always as aware of your surroundings. Couple that in with darkness still falling early, and trouble can be upon you before you even realise there’s a problem. But our experienced security guards, who can accompany late-working staff and shift workers to their cars, will see the problem and respond accordingly. Often the mere sight of a professional guard in uniform is a strong enough deterrent to troublemakers to stay away. That’s very reassuring for tired employees. Our guards are also a perfect option for retail security, preventing theft and sending a strong message to would-be offenders to keep out of the premises by their presence alone. Their role can in include ensuring the premises is secured at the end of business and escorting staff to their cars. At Sectrol Security, we have a raft of manpower services to offer commercial and industrial businesses. From mobile and static patrols through to alarm responses, our well-trained staff provide a reassuring and helpful presence across Ballarat. Our guards can also patrol your business regularly to make sure it’s adequately secured after hours and even carry out `open and close’ duties for businesses that don’t have permanent staff on premises. If you are considering hiring security guards for your Ballarat business, please contact us at Sectrol Security for more information.