Sectrol – providing industrial security in Stawell

July 31, 2015

How secure is your industrial premises in Stawell from theft and vandalism? If the question raises concern, then consider using Sectrol Security guards to beef up your industrial security and give you peace of mind and better protection for your business.

People work long, hard hours to build up their businesses every day. And when you invest that much time, money and passion into it, that enterprise needs to be looked after, day and night. That’s where our experienced and qualified guards can contribute.

Our security guards help secure your industrial premises in a number of ways. Their duties include ensuring the fence lines around your industrial property are secure and gates locked after the last workers leave the site for the day. That means all your expensive industrial machinery, tools and other equipment are secure in the carefully locked yard until work begins again.

And we’ll carry out regular checks on the property too, making sure all doors and windows are locked, gates remain secure and fences haven’t been damaged. We can also keep an eye on vehicles on the premises and, if requested, escort staff to their transport after they have worked late.

While the mere sight of a uniformed security guard in a marked patrol car is an immediate deterrent to offenders, we can also help improve security through use of technology. Sectrol’s security experts can install infra red beams along your perimeter fence lines, which activate after detecting movement. CCTV camera systems and access control are other sophisticated approaches to keeping your industrial premises secure. We offer a monitoring service and our guards also provide rapid response if alarms activate.

If you would like information about how Sectrol Security guards can provide industrial security in Stawell to protect your business premises, please contact us. We also provide security assessments, which are obligation free, so we can find the best security options for your industrial premises, carefully considering your site, needs and budget.