Sectrol’s protective approach: Alarm monitoring/alarm response in Ballarat

June 26, 2015

Our professional patrol guards are usually first at the scene when a security alert triggers at our clients’ homes and businesses in Ballarat.

And they’re never quite sure what they will find. Has someone broken in? What sort of damage has the offender caused? Did they steal anything? And could that person still be on the property?

But every step of Sectrol’s alarm monitoring/alarm response in Ballart follows a detailed, proven process. Staff at our sophisticated Australian-graded monitoring centre and guards in patrol cars combine forces to deliver a prompt alarm response, day or night, for our clients. We have two patrol cars in Ballarat every night and a back-up patrol vehicle.

The guards in the nearest car to the incident head straight there after notification by monitoring centre staff. It’s their job to search the scene. Whatever they find – broken windows, forced doors, evidence of theft – is recorded in a written report, with back-up photos.

Because our guards are specifically trained for the task at hand, they remain alert to their surroundings and record details of any vehicles or people that ring alarm bells near the property.

They also liaise with any attending police and ensure the scene is secure before departure, using the services of an on-call glazier and locksmith if necessary before resetting alarms.

The client remains central to Sectrol’s work and is kept up to date on the outcome of an alarm response, which includes a visit within 24 hours to discuss the process.

While our security guards are the public face of the company, the staff at our high-tech monitoring centre staff are crucial to the smooth running of our alarm monitoring/alarm response. After an alert comes in, they compile information about the alarm, its history and client instructions for responses before swiftly handing details to the best-positioned patrol car. Sometimes their pre-dispatch check involves a call to the client and, in the case of more than one alarm activating, to police with a request for back up.

Our alarm monitoring/alarm response in Ballarat is built on experienced staff, sophisticated technology and prompt action. From use of satellite tracking to determine the location of our patrol cars, to our 24-hour monitoring centre and quality alarm systems, our high-tech approach helps throw a blanket of protection and support around our clients and their property.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our thorough procedures and actions in the face of alarm activation.