Ballarat 3350 a hotspot for residential crime

June 25, 2015

Police assure us they’re on the¬†offence

Ballarat continues to have Victoria’s highest rate of crime, with home burglaries a major contributor. Police insist they are on the offence and Ballarat is still a safe place to live.

The good news in Kara Irving’s June 19 Courier article is that the crime rate, including burglary, has actually declined over the past year. Despite still having the highest crime rate, this is still a win for 3350 police.

Andrew Jefferson’s Herald Sun article on May 28 explains how police intervention has contributed to the crime rate in Ballarat, demonstrating that they’re doing their job to intervene in areas of high crime.

Ballarat residents should remain vigilant and put their own safe practices into place to protect their homes and families. Residential alarm systems, monitoring and fast-response security guards will help prevent you being the next victim of a home burglary crime. Please contact us for more information.

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