Alarm installation in Stawell

March 22, 2015

Protecting your business

It can be tough running a business in Stawell these days without having to cope with the aftermath of a burglary or criminal damage to your property.

That’s why many people are considering alarm installation for Stawell businesses in an effort to keep repair bills and stock loss to a minimum. And they’re also turning to Sectrol to find them the most effective system for their needs.

Country towns and cities across Victoria are all touched by crime to varying degrees.

People fuelled by alcohol smash shop windows as they walk by at night, leaving a hefty repair bill in their wake. Shoplifters steal from pharmacy or supermarket shelves, concealing items before leaving the store. Burglars looking for goods to sell or easy cash break into businesses including newsagents, boutiques and medical centres.

Whether they’re trying to feed a desperate drug habit, out for personal gain or simply out of control, the end result is the same for the shop owner – more work, more cost and more time wasted.

Sectrol has forged a strong reputation as a quality provider of security products and alarm installation for businesses in Stawell, which is located between Horsham and Ballarat. Our staff will provide an obligation-free assessment to work out the security system and alarm products that best match your budget and your needs.

Our systems can include:

  • Passive Infra Red Detectors – that pick up movement and rapid changes in temperature caused by body heat passing through infra red beams.
  • Reed switches – that activate when windows and doors they’re fitted to open.
  • CCTV systems – ranging from one camera to more than 16.
  • Personal duress alarms.
  • Smoke detectors.

Some businesses opt for a lower-cost audible alarm system, which deters offenders with its loud siren and flashing lights, while others select the more sophisticated set ups. The range is wide, from quality direct line monitored systems to telephone dialler monitored systems.

As well supplying, installing and servicing alarm system, we also remotely monitor sophisticated systems from our control centre for a swift response to any problems.

If you are interested in alarm installation in your Stawell business, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Sectrol.