Upgrade your security in Bacchus Marsh

February 21, 2015

Protect your home over the Easter break

The chocolate eggs and bunnies in our supermarkets are a clear indication that Easter is approaching. And, with many people preparing to head away over the holidays, now is a great time to upgrade the security of your Bacchus Marsh home.

It’s normal to carefully plan your trips away. With the Easter break in early April one of the last four-day holidays many working parents can take off together for months, people make sure they’ve got their accommodation, activities and possessions well prepared and packed for the big adventure. But how many people consider what they’re leaving behind – their house. And that house is often full of precious possessions, expensive items and memories.

So how well protected will your house be as you back out of your driveway at Easter time with the family in the car? At Sectrol Security, our quality products and services can help keep your castle safe while you are gone. From a range of alarm products, installation and around-the-clock monitoring to rapid response times, we can help give you peace of mind that your home and possessions are secure in your absence.

Our experienced team can help keep burglars at bay by installing a variety of security devices including infra red detectors and alarms that sound when doors or windows open. We can also fit smoke detectors that will provide vital early warning in the case of a fire.

If you are keen to improve the security of your Bacchus Marsh home before Easter arrives, then please don’t hesitate to contact us about an upgrade. Our products and services protect many homes and businesses across the region.