Security tips for Maryborough residents

December 22, 2014

Going away over the summer school holidays? Protect your home.

If you’re taking annual leave in order to take a break with the family, make sure your home is adequately secured. There are things you can do to help protect your home from opportunistic thieves, which we have listed below. As your regional security company, we service Maryborough for a variety of security products and services, such as alarm system installation and monitoring, so we can also help secure your home before you going on holidays.

Unfortunately, crime tends to rise over the festive season and summer school holidays when many families head off on camping trips or other annual holidays. We posted some tips last month and have some additional ideas to ramp up your home’s security over the summer school holidays. Follow these tips to help your home look less like an easy target:

• The majority of residents living in Maryborough includes older couples, elderly singles and elderly couples*, which means you might be able to call on an elderly neighbour who is retired and not on holidays themselves to keep watch over the security of your home. Give them the phone number of your security company, if you have one.

• Ask a neighbour who isn’t going away to park in your driveway or out the front of your house for you. This makes it look like someone could be home and could plant a seed of doubt in the mind of opportunistic criminals.

• Don’t leave valuables near windows, particularly when they are visible through the window. Move the valuables or shut the curtain or blind so they can’t be seen by prying eyes!

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy your holidays! Summer only comes around once a year and if you’re lucky enough to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, the last thing you want is to be stressing about your home being a potential target. Pre-plan and do what you can and leave the rest up to us, and the police, if required. Contact us for security products and services in Maryborough.

*According to Real Estate’s Suburb Profile of Maryborough, 2014.