Residential security tips for Ballarat residents

November 24, 2014

Ensure your property is secure these holidays

A recent article published in The Courier and written by Alex Hamer details how residents in Ballarat are more likely to have their homes burgled than in other parts of Victoria. The article presents alarming statistics from insurance company RACV, which indicates one in 48 homes will be burgled in Ballarat, with the average for Victoria far less with one in 73! With Christmas just weeks away and many people taking holidays away from home, how can you help combat this figure and protect your residential security in Ballarat? Whether you’re the one taking annual leave this Christmas or you’re a neighbour who’s been asked to keep an eye on things, we have the following tips for you:

• Ask your neighbours to look out for your property.

• Report suspicious activity to the police on 000.

• Ensure doors and windows are locked and secure.

• Ensure any outdoor sensor lights are working and if you don’t have any, consider getting them installed, particularly near entry points such as front, back and side doors.

• Check your residential security alarms are working and even touch base with your security company to let them know you are going away.

• Make sure you have your security company’s sticker visible inside a main window!

• Consider installing a timer which turns your lights on and off at set times while you are away, this makes it look like someone’s home and is off-putting for potential burglars.

• Remember – burglars are opportunists so reduce any opportunity which would make it easier for your home to robbed while you’re not there.


The last thing you want when you return from holidays over the festive season, even if it is one night spent at a loved one’s place, is to find your place has been burgled! We take residential security in Ballarat and district seriously, so contact us to find out how we can help protect your home this festive season and year-round. Read the full article here: “Ballarat residents more likely to be robbed.”