24-hour duress alarm monitoring service

May 30, 2014

Based in Ballarat, our alarm monitoring system has the ability to cover a wide region of Victoria as far as Warrnambool.

What is duress alarm monitoring and who might need it? A duress button is wired to an alarm (either hard-wired or wireless) and can be pressed “under duress” – this means if a person is threatened with violence, constraint or other action which may cause harm to that person. Once pressed, the alarm will alert a monitoring centre and security will be sent to assist the person who has pressed it.

This type of alarm system can be used in homes and businesses to protect the safety of people who need it most. Duress buttons are great for high-risk workplaces such as health care centres and government departments (such as the Department of Human Services) where the safety of staff may be threatened by disgruntled individuals. Duress alarm monitoring can also be a lifesaving security measure for the elderly, people who live alone and people who cannot defend themselves (i.e. those living with illness or disability).

Our alarm monitoring centre holds an Australian Security Industry Association grading – the only security centre in regional Victoria to do so.

If you believe your home or business could benefit from the added security of a duress alarm monitoring system, please contact us. We service towns along the Great Ocean Road through to Warrnambool.