Security Melton

January 14, 2014

Purchasing a new home – is it secure?

Melton is situated in metropolitan Melbourne and is a largely residential area.

There is a large percentage of purchasers in the market to buy a house in Melton – 32.9%.

Another 31.8% own their own home, with 31% renting.

With almost one third of Melton’s population in the market to buy – we wanted to give you some tips about things to look for in regards to security when you’re purchasing a new home.

For many people, purchasing a house is the largest and most significant purchase they will ever make. You want your asset to be protected the best it can. So, how secure is your new home?

When you inspect a potential new home in Melton, check:

• Windows have locks and they all work.

• All doors have locks that work.

• Your front door has a lockable security screen as well as a lockable solid door, or if only a solid door it should have a peep hole to check who is outside before opening.

• There are no holes in walls, windows or otherwise that would make a break in easy.

• If there is a garage, garden shed or back fence or laneway gate, check they are lockable and secure.

• If there is side or front gates that close – can you lock them?

• Does the house already have an alarm system or security camera? Is it in working order and will you contact the company to continue the service?

• Check fire alarms are installed and work.

The above are tips are based on security concerns – there are many other safety aspects to check when buying a home including structural and pest damage.

Ask yourself how secure is your  Melton home? To take advantage of any of our products or services, please contact us.