Melton residential security

August 28, 2013

The city of Melton is a bustling and thriving urban area located on Melbourne’s outskirts.  With a population of over 35 000, it has it’s issue with crime and vandalism.  At Sectrol Security, we deal with residential homes as well as businesses, and know that there are key differences in how our clients need and use our services.

For your home, security it important whether you are home or not.  Many of us are at places of work during the daytime, and it gives enormous peace of mind to know that whilst away, our homes can be protected with a monitored alarm.  Responsive, effective and user friendly, we can supply and install security alarm systems from the Hills NX range.  These alarms can also be connected to other security devices in your home including reed switches  – magnetic switches that will activate an alarm if the magnetic parts become separated when a door or window is opened; PIRs (Passive Infra Red Detectors) which are security devices that detect movement, as well as smoke detectors.

Contact us at Sectrol Security for all of your residential security Melton needs.  Telephone us on 03 5329 0800 or via our website form here.  We are only too happy to help!