What’s on Your Agenda?

October 16, 2012

Local Council elections throughout Victoria are well underway with the Central Goldfields Shire Council elections being held via postal vote and we strongly encourage residents to have their say and vote. Our local councillors play an important part in our community and we believe you should find the issues that are important to you and have your say.

Read your candidate statements and see what issues affect you – we all want our community to thrive so our businesses and residents have great opportunities and access to improved services and facilities.

For us at Sectrol this means as the community grows there needs to be a stronger focus on security for homes and businesses. As towns like Maryborough grow and develop there is a natural focus on protecting our property and assets whether it is prevention through CCTV footage, alarm systems, manpower security. We’re voting for Maryborough security. What are you voting for?

Focus on the things that matter to you – family, business, facilities or services – and use your vote to help it happen.

Postal votes close on Friday October 26 at 6pm.