CCTV Ararat – The Best Position for Your Camera

September 12, 2012

Placement of your CCTV camera is as important as the quality of the unit you buy and its proper installation. There is no point having it at all if it does not provide full surveillance of your home or your office.

Some points to consider when thinking of CCTV installation Ararat:

1. Covering the Whole area. Whether  it is your garage, home or business try to cover as much area as possible including a little of the front pathway to catch the head height as people approach.

2. Position the CCTV camera outside your property. Putting your security cameras outside of your property means you have advanced warning of people trying to break in and the second it allows you to see them leaving.

3. Keep Cameras Position up High. This prevents cameras being stolen, vandalised or covered.

4. Hidden or on display? Both can apply. Keeping a camera in an obvious place means you will be able to deter any criminal activity. However hiding the camera means they are less likely to be tampered with.