Why CCTV Ballarat?

August 14, 2012

CCTV (or closed circuit television) is an investment well worth considering. There have been numerous studies that have shown a major reduction in crime in areas covered by video surveillance. This means substantial benefits for the protection of the community as well as property.

There are many benefits of considering cctv installation Ballarat. This includes reduced labour costs and deterring criminal or anti-social behaviour, not to mention reassurance for staff and customers.

Your Ballarat CCTV system can:

  • Prevent Business Loss:
    • Deter theft – Observe and record shoplifting activities and dishonest employees.
    • Monitor the point of sale
    • Record evidence against bogus claims
    • Remote viewing
  • Safety:
    • Monitor halls, common areas or high-risk areas to ensure public/employee safety
    • Monitor hazardous work areas
    • Provide security in car parks
    • Remote observation
  • Management:
    • Checking stock
    • Monitor production lines
    • Train employees
    • Minimise litigation
  • Security:
    • Monitor sensitive areas such as confidential records, safes etc
    • Program a moving camera to pan, tilt and zoom within a defined pattern
    • Integrate with access control to record persons entering and leaving the premises
    • Network video recording on alarm
    • Network video and audio streaming

Don’t overlook closed circuit television as a solution for your business and ensure your cctv Ballarat installation is undertaken by a professional.