Bendigo Security – Crime Rate Increase

July 4, 2012

Recent statistics show an alarming increase in crime in Bendigo. The March stats released by the Victoria Police show that over the previous 12 months property damage has increased by 12.5%.

In a recent Bendigo Advertiser article, local police inspector Mark Edwards pointed out there had been a steady increase in crime against the person and property between March 2011 and March 2012. There was an alarming 30% increase in assaults in this time.

While these statistics still are below the State average, it gives us pause for thought – so we have the right security to protect our home or office against potential damage? Installing the right security systems for your premises is the best way to ensure you peace of mind with the knowledge your property is being protected with state of the art security equipment.

For your Bendigo security options make sure you talk to the experts so you are receiving the best information and advice, not to mention State of the Art technology that is affordable and effective. You can’t afford to be relaxed about security – your livelihood depends on it.