Bacchus Marsh, Melton Security

May 21, 2012

Keeping Our Community Safe

While we are not in the job of scaremongering, it is our job to provide security services and solutions  to the communities we work in. Unfortunately, the reality is that there is a need to keep your business safe.

Just last week, as reported in The Melton Weekly, 12 teenagers were arrested over an alleged crime rampage that involved armed robberies, burglaries and assaults across the western suburbs. To date, a total of 75 charges have been laid against 10 individuals who went on a two week crime spree.

Crime against property is not new, yet we all have a right to feel safe. Bacchus Marsh and Melton security solutions enable you to rest easy in the knowledge your business is safe include anything from alarm installation, duress buttons, CCTV, beams or security patrols.

Commercial security options can be tailored to suit your particular business depending on the nature of the business and your particular requirements. Seek advice from an expert who knows the industry and knows your locality and you will rest easy knowing you have done everything possible to protect your investment.