Swan Hill and Warrnambool Security

December 14, 2010

Security in Swan Hill

Swan Hill is a small, regional city that sits on the south bank of the Murray River in North West Victoria. According to the 2006 census the population was then just under 10,000. The highest reported crimes in Swan Hill are property damage and theft. It is fairly easy to protect your home or business against such crimes. Ask Sectrol Security about Swan Hill security, we’re happy to recommend and install security systems for you.

Warrnambool Security

Another regional city, Warrnambool is on the south-western coast of Victoria near the Princess Highway and the Great Ocean Road. With a population of 28,150 Warrnambool’s highest reported crimes are also theft and property damage. Warrnambool security is just another local service provided by us at Sectrol Security. CCTV, security patrols or 24 hour alarm monitoring are all security services available in Warrnambool to protect your home or business.